Property Loss and Damage Insurance

Competitive Commercial Property Insurance and Property Damage Insurance Coverage
Insurance is vital to protect your valuable business assets against a range of perils which could cause huge unexpected cost to your company.

At Quintosys, we can insure the assets of your company against a wide range of eventualities, including:

1. Fire
2. Aircraft and explosion
3. Theft
4. Riot and Malicious damage
5. Storm and water damage
6. Impact
7. Subsidence
8. Accidental Damage

An insurance policy that protects your property against loss or damage will usually apply to your normal place of business. Quintosys can arrange to extend cover where applicable, perhaps to a contract site, a warehouse, sub-contractor’s premises or any other location so that your equipment and stock is always insured no matter where it is situated or where your staff are working.

In most cases, Quintosys will arrange cover so that any buildings or machinery are replaced with new equipment. This is done so that the plant can be readily and quickly replaced, rather than relying on the second hand market where suitable equipment may not be available at the time of the incident.

Our experienced advisers can organise the right level of cover for your equipment, whether this be computer hardware or million pound construction equipment. We can also insure your assets while they are being moved, perhaps during office or plant relocation.