Personal Motor Insurance

If you are looking for Personal Motor Insurance to compliment your Business cover, we can help

Contact Quintosys for a quote and get the best possible car insurance cover for your family vehicles. Unlike a price comparison website, Quintosys expert insurance advisers will find a plan that exactly suits your circumstances, so there are no hidden terms and conditions and no unexpected costs.

Our motor insurance policies are flexible and straightforward, offering the same levels of care for your family.

Quintosys can quote on any level of policy provision:

  1. Third Party, Fire & Theft Cover: This type of insurance is most suitable for less valuable cars, and can be very useful if you are buying a basic first car for a young person. It is also an ideal option if you wish to keep your costs low in the unfortunate event of an accident. You must bear in mind that Third party, Fire & Theft cover does not provide any cover for your own vehicle.
  2. Comprehensive Cover: Quintosys recommend comprehensive car insurance for anyone who wishes to protect the value of their car against accidents and theft. Comprehensive cover also protects you against claims from third parties for any injuries or damage to their property. Various extras, such as windscreen cover, may also be available.
  3. Classic Car Cover: If you own a car over a certain age you are likely to see considerable cost benefits from choosing classic car insurance. This type of motor insurance policy is ideal for those who have another vehicle for day to day use. Minimum age restrictions may apply, and normally you will be required to limit your mileage, although such limits are not generally restrictive.