Directors and Officers Insurance

Protect your Board Members with our bespoke Directors Insurance and Officers Insurance cover

Any staff at a senior level can legally be held responsible for any action (or lack of action) of their business if they can be shown to have had responsibility for that decision.

Claims can be brought for a variety of reasons, including discrimination, insolvency, consumer rights, environmental damage, data protection non-compliance, health and safety and even corporate manslaughter. Directors and officers are expected to act without any conflict of interests and ensure duties are delegated with care.

Even when an individual is a director of a limited company, they can still be subject to legal action if the courts agree. Any senior member of staff can be held responsible for any decisions they make in a managerial position, and claims can be made by a variety of parties, including creditors, company staff, shareholders and government bodies.

Directors and officers of companies should ensure they have adequate insurance against claims brought against them under these circumstances.

Directors and officers’ insurance protects the assets of an individual director or senior member of staff in the event of a claim being made. Cover will protect the director or officer against claims for breach of duty or trust, financial problems such as a default, or a criminal proceeding. Such insurance will also cover legal costs relating from such a claim.

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