Contractors All Risks Insurance

The risks that contractors face are varied and require extensive legal cover, safeguard yourself with our Risk Protection Insurance

If you require risk protection insurance, Quintosys can help. Our specialised and experienced advisers can source an insurance policy which will cover you as a contractor on an ‘all risks’ basis. This type of insurance ensures that buildings and workers are covered during many different types of building projects.

Our insurance can be tailored to the nature of your operation and the types of work you take on as a business:
We can insure your company for a specific period of time, perhaps for a one-off commitment. This type of insurance is ideal if you do not intend to take on further work after the end date of one policy.
We can also arrange cover for a longer period of time, usually one year, which covers all work carried out during that time. Contracts must fall within a certain value bracket to be covered by your policy if you take on this insurance option.
A third option is to insure your company for a particular project; this type of insurance will normally provide you with policy cover for all the contractors who are carrying out the project. This type of insurance policy covers the project specifically, rather than a certain length of time, so it can run for more than a year where appropriate.

The one year policy option is our most common, as it provides a cost-effective way to ensure all work is undertaken with full protection, without the need to repeatedly seek a new policy each time a job begins. However, the project insurance option does mean that you cut down on the administration involved in each contractor taking out their own insurance policy. This also cuts down on costs for the contractors involved.

To explore options for our ‘all risks’ contractors insurers, contact Quintosys today and speak to one of our experienced insurance advisers.