Commercial Motor Insurance

We provide tailored Business Motor Insurance for those looking to use their car or vehicle for business use

The insurance advisers at Quintosys would be pleased to provide a quote for the insurance of your business vehicles. We have access to a broad panel of insurers and can find specialist policies for all types of vehicles. Our expertise can also often lead to a more favourable outcome in the event of a claim.

Quintosys can provide cover for any type of business vehicle, and any combination of vehicles. We can insure individual cars or commercial vehicles, fleets of vehicles, specialist vehicles (such as heavy goods vehicles or coaches), and even specialist policies for the motor trade sector...

The advisers at Quintosys can obtain quotes for insurance cover on a variety of bases. Third party, fire & theft cover is the minimum amount of insurance your motor vehicle. Third party insurance covers you for damage to another vehicle, but it will not provide any insurance cover for your own motor vehicle.

We can also quote for comprehensive cover. Comprehensive motor insurance is suitable for newer and more valuable business vehicles. Choose comprehensive motor insurance when you wish to insure your own vehicle for accident and theft, as well as protecting against claims from other parties for loss or damage. Comprehensive insurance also protects you against personal injury claims, as well as damage to property when caused by a business vehicle in your fleet.

The experienced staff at Quintosys can assist you in the event of a claim and will often deal with the insurance underwriter on your behalf. Because we can insure fleets of vehicles on the same policy, you will save time and build in the convenience of dealing with one company for all your business motor insurance needs.